School Fees

School Fees and Levies are set at the end of each school year for the following twelve month period.

Detailed information and a payment plan sheet will be available in Term 4 for the following school year.  Payment options available are Direct Debit, eftpos, cash or cheque.

Please find below the Fee Schedule for 2019 as ratified by the School Board.  Also below is an extract from the St. Francis Xavier Primary School, School Fee Collection Process, as ratified by the School Board and the Finance Committee. The schedule can also be download by clicking on the link: SFX School Fees 2019


“It is the expectation of the school that, at a minimum, a payment equal to the amount of one term’s school fees, is paid by the end of each school term.”

School Fees
Building Fee $360.00 per family
Capital Fee $165.00 per family
Tuition Fee: (1 child family) $1,230.00 p.a.
Tuition Fee: (2 or more children) $2,030.00 p.a.  (Family Fee)
Student Fee $410.00 per child Prep to Year 6
Information and Technology Levy $60.00 per child Prep to Year 6

The following is a breakdown of the areas the Annual Student Fee will be utilized in 2019. 

  • Student Requisites/Stationery & Materials
  • Religious Education Resources
  • Student Welfare : Special Needs/Special Abilities
  • Intervention Programs
  • Literacy Resources
  • Numeracy Resources
  • Integrated Curriculum Resources
  • Art Program Requisites
  • Music/Performing Arts/Culture Program Requisites
  • Physical Education & Sports Equipment
  • Library/Resource Centre Resources
  • Learning Technologies
  • Publications
Swimming Fees
Years 1, 3 and 5 Swimming Program $85.00
School Camps
Prep $40.00
Year One $50.00
Year Two  $110.00
Year Three $155.00
Year Four $235.00
Year Five $265.00
Yesr Six $410.00