Physical Education

At St. Francis Xavier Primary School, our Physical Education and Sport Program is all about active participation and skill development in a positive and encouraging atmosphere.

The children have a minimum of 2 Physical Education sessions of between 45-60 minutes, that focuses on skill development and cooperation, as well as a sport session of 60 minutes that brings together the skills taught into a game situation. All children are supported and encouraged to display sportspersonship and to be their best in all that they do in these areas. In our program the children are exposed to a wide range of games and sports that encompass strategies, team work, personal well being and thinking skills.

Some of the programs are:

  • Perceptual Motor Program (PMP): this program encourages the younger children to learn about their bodies and how to move in a variety of ways;
  • Sports Electives: the Middle and Senior year levels participate in a variety of different sports, off campus (eg. badminton, racquetball and golf).
  • Interschool Sport: the Middle and Senior year levels play other Catholic schools in various sports (eg. netball, sofcrosse and football at a variety of different venues)

We also provide the children at St. Francis Xavier Primary School with the opportunity to excel in their chosen sport through various high level competitions against the best from around Ballarat and wider (eg. golf, badminton, basketball, football, kanga cricket, soccer, netball and hockey). The children are given every opportunity to challenge themselves in all aspects in a non threatening and rewarding environment.