Special Education

Special Education covers the academic, social, emotional or physical wellbeing of a student.

Our aim is to identify as early as possible the children who have Special Needs at our school. When particular issues arise or when there are particular concerns about a child, discussions take place to formalise the gathering of related data specific to the individual. The Principal, Special Needs Coordinator, classroom teacher and parents work together to formalise individual learning plans for the child. These plans are usually ongoing and are often implemented with the assistance of members of the Special Education Team which includes Support Teachers and Teacher’s Aides. If and when additional support is required, outside agencies are contacted and become involved in the child’s learning plan. This may include Catholic Education Office Staff from Ballarat (CEOB). Expertise from the Educational Psychologist, the Special Education Adviser and/or the Speech Pathologist is often called upon. At times it is also necessary to call upon the expertise of other health professionals such as doctors, physiotherapists and occupational therapists and this can be organised through school.

Individual programs are revised regularly. Communication between home and school is considered to be vital in the ongoing monitoring and wellbeing of the student.


If we are have knowledge of a kindergarten child with special needs who is to be enrolled at our school, a plan is devised to ensure a smooth beginning to school. Our Special Needs Coordinator and Principal are happy to attend Kindergarten Support Group meetings, to meet with parents to discuss particular needs or issues or to meet with other health professionals before the child commences school.

Prior to a child leaving our school at the completion of Year 6 there is open communication between our school and the secondary school to ensure a smooth transition.