Feast Day of St. Francis Xavier

December 03, 2018

Today, Monday 3rd December our school will celebrate the Feast Day of our Patron Saint, St. Francis Xavier.

This remarkable man, who was born in Spain in 1506 and died before Elizabeth I ascended the throne of England, was the first Christian and the first Jesuit missionary to visit Japan, which in the sixteenth century was a closed country about which almost nothing was known. Although Japan was where he would ultimately devote several years of his life, Xavier was determined to spread God’s word throughout Asia to the people of what was then known as the Portuguese Empire.

Revealing great courage in the days when many still believed the earth was flat, and two centuries before Cook’s voyage to Botany Bay and Australia, St Francis Xavier not only travelled as far as Japan but also journeyed to Borneo, India, the Moluccas, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), Mozambique and other areas that had not yet been visited by Christian missionaries, as well as visiting and working in China with a small pioneering band of Jesuit missionaries.

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