Getting To Know Your Child As A Person And Learner Meeting

February 27, 2019

Staff will be doing all they can to get to know your child at the beginning of this term so they can enhance wellbeing and support and challenge each child to be the best that they can be, to be successful!

An important aspect of getting to know children is the “Getting to know your child as a Person and Learner Meeting” on Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 27th February.

These meetings provide 5 minutes dedicated 1:1 time for parents and teachers to meet and for you to share your child’s strengths, passions, your concerns, and aspirations and anything you think will help your child to be successful.

We will send home some question prompts the week before to ensure we maximise the time together. Please make a note in your diary for this now and look out for the School Interviews sign up on Monday 11th February for your time slot.

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