St Francis Xavier Primary School

St Francis Xavier Primary School is a Catholic school that operates under the co-governance of the  Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea and the Catholic Diocese of Ballarat. It has a rich tradition of providing quality education and care for children from the City of Ballarat and surrounding districts.

St. Francis Xavier Primary School has built a learning environment founded on fundamental values such as love, respect, forgiveness and trust, drawing on the inspiration and example of the Sisters of Mercy.

The learning environment at St. Francis Xavier Primary School truly supports the academic growth of all children. Our school offers a quality learning environment, with many specialist areas, including Visual Art, Performing Arts, Music and LOTE. A comprehensive Environmental Education program immerses students in their role as custodians of the land on which we live.

It is the policy of St. Francis Xavier Primary School that children’s learning is the core that drives the choices made when structuring authentic learning experiences for them. Learning and teaching will occur in an atmosphere that promotes spirituality, moral confidence, ethics and emotional intelligence in the relationships between students, staff and parents. This will be built on relationships that support and challenge all members of the Learning Community.

Children have the opportunity to take responsibility for their learning, and to utilise appropriate learning technologies to support their learning. Parents are valued as active participants in the education process.

Each class at St. Francis Xavier Primary School works proactively and creatively to deal with the management of student behaviour. A range of support services from the Catholic Education Office and local agencies are accessed to support the physical, social, emotional and academic needs of children.

St. Francis Xavier Primary School is a caring community made up on people from a range of family, social and religious backgrounds. This caring community positively acts to serve the needs of each family.

St. Francis Xavier Primary School structures fees and levies to ensure that the maximum benefit is gained for each child from every dollar spent.

A whole staff approach to dealing with school issues ensures that every effort is made for each child to enjoy success as they grow and develop within our supportive school community.

St. Francis Xavier’s Motto is Omnia Cum Deo – ALL WITH GOD