Our Vision for the Future

St. Francis Xavier Primary School is about to embark on centenary celebrations to recognize 100 years since the registration of the school as an educational institution.

This wonderful milestone also highlights to us that much of our infrastructure is also ageing and beginning to cause difficulties and obstacles in allowing St. Francis Xavier to forge ahead to achieve our mission in providing outstanding opportunities for our children.

We as a School Community share a vision to ensure our institution continues to evolve.  We are committed to upgrading our facilities to ensure that our entire infrastructure enhances the delivery of our curriculum co-curricular programs and resources for our students.  To date, the most recent developments have been the installation of electronic whiteboards in every classroom, and our new multi-purpose centre which was completed in early 2010.

Set on a picturesque landscape and beautiful grounds, St. Francis Xavier has wonderful environmental surroundings for our students including vegetable gardens, acres of land and the arrival of cattle in late 2013.  It is our buildings that we aspire to upgrade and with significant research in the past 12 months, we feel it is important we make a commitment to our community to provide facilities that promote learning, retain our enrolment goals and capitalize on the most current educational offerings.

With this in mind, we are very excited to release a Master Plan outlining the development vision for our school.  We are absolutely delighted to share a time of exciting transition for our school and our community.  Whilst this will not be without its challenges, we believe such developments are ones of great necessity.  Such growth would not be achieved without taking a small leap of faith and it is with the support of our parents, the excitement of our students and the encouragement of our teaching faculty that we are able to confidently move to expand our school.

Over the last twelve months a committee of parents and staff has been working on a master plan for the redevelopment of St. Francis Xavier.  The master plan will be completed in stages over approximately the next 10/15 years due to the significant cost of the plan.  In order to commence this major works project, we have applied to the Catholic Education Office Ballarat for a supplementary Capital Grant to begin Stage One of this project.  However, we cannot rely totally on this grant, hence the School Board seeks the financial support from school families by way of an ongoing Building Levy.  The opportunity to see our Master Plan a reality is certainly a very exciting time as it will be the biggest major works that the school has undertaken