Parent’s and Friends Committee

The Parents and Friend’s Committee plays an important role with fundraising and social activities within the school.

The financial assistance provided by the Parents and Friends’ Committee has benefited the school in many ways, e.g. purchasing classroom resources, computers and audio visual equipment.

The Committee has the following major goals:

  • To support the school staff in ensuring a quality education for our children through its interest and participation in activities and programs of the school.
  • To be the social body of contact for new parents within the school so that they may fit comfortably into our community.
  • To raise funds to supply the school with quality educational aids and equipment.
  • To act as a sounding board for discussion on school policies and Catholic Education policies which affect our school and our children.
Introducing the 2018 Parents & Friends Committee Executive:

I am very pleased to announce the following positions:

  • Chairperson:                     Emma Farrell
  • Vice Chair Person:           Rachel Kane  
  • Secretary:                          Emma Le Grand
  • Treasurer:                         Carolyn Ward

Please find attached and below document introducing each of the 2018 Parents and Friends Committee Executive