Staff Contacts

The staff at St. Francis Xavier Primary School are a hard-working, committed team.

To email a specific staff member, click on the appropriate name.

Staff Email Address
Principal Mr. Paul Bissinella
Deputy Principal  (Learning Diversity)

Deputy Principal  (Learning Enhancement)

Mr Peter Mullane 

Mrs. Jayne Bosworth

Religious Education Leader  Mrs. Bernadette Luckman
 The Administration Team Mrs. Gabrielle McKinnis

Mrs. Maureen McLean

Mrs. Claire Hay

Mrs. Sue Shuttleworth

 The Foundation Team Miss Emma Hancock

Ms. Nicki Dalton

Mr. Tom Willmott

Ms. Shannon Macklin

 The Year 1 Team Miss Rebecca Conroy

Ms. Gemma Johnston

Mr. Matthew Manzl

 The Year 2 Team Mrs. Ann Howard

Ms. Georgia Hudson

Mrs. Belinda Wrigley

 The Year 3 Team Ms. Brighid Ginnane-Smith

Ms. Cath Pearson

Ms. Sally Brennan / Ms. Jess Van Gaans

The Year 4 Team Mrs. Bernadette Luckman / Mrs. Marg Lyttle

Ms. Caitlin Jans

Mrs. Petra Barclay

The Year 5 Team Mrs. Lucy Loader/ Mrs. Jayne Bosworth

Ms. Monique McGrath

Mr. Michael Marshall

The Year 6 Team Mrs. Cynthia Cook

Mr. Jack Ferguson

The Specialist Team Mrs. Jacinta Molloy (Visual Arts)

Mrs. Sarah Page (Environmental Education)

Mrs. Olga Fox (Japanese)

Ms. Jess Van Gaans (Performing Arts)


Mrs. Christine Meneely (School Counsellor)

Mr. Rick Keen (Gardening and Maintenance)

The Teaching Support Team Mrs. Brittany Curtain (Occupational Therapist)

Mrs. Elisha Martin (Reading Recovery)

Mrs. Jane Clark (Boost Teacher)

Ms. Carla Cicchini (Boost Teacher)

Ms. Melinda Harty (Boost Teacher)

Mrs. Andrea Grant

Mr. Shaun Carroll

Mrs. Fiona Dodd

Mrs. Brooke Van Hammond

Michelle Jans

Mr. Caelan Thompson

Mrs. Jacinta Waller

Mrs. Kath Boyd

Mrs. Bianca Tocchet

Ms. Jessica Murphy

Ms. Laura Cole

Alternatively, staff can be contacted via telephone on (03) 5331 6311 or  fax (03) 5331 8337