School Camp

The St Francis Xavier Primary School camp program is structured around the ideal of independence, with students developing skills and building connections with each other and the environment over time.


An excursion to Werribee Zoo complements the students’ enquiry unit, Great and Small. Children learn about the different features of animals, and how those features help them survive in their habitats.

Year One

A school ‘stay back’ camp experience encourages children to develop their independence and experience a different day to their normal school routine. Children begin their day as usual, then undertake a bus trip to an activity centre where they have lunch. Children have dinner at school and are collected at 7pm.

Year Two

Students travel to Log Cabin Lodge in Creswick for an overnight, off-campus experience involving community living. This gives children the opportunity to develop independence and confidence in coping with situations in an unfamiliar environment, and to complement skills learned in the classroom curriculum.

Students are involved in group initiative tasks and activities emphasising teamwork and cooperation, and take responsibility for the essential duties of tidying their rooms and being responsible for their own belongings.

Year Three

Children travel to Camp Sunnystones in Bacchus Marsh for an overnight, off-campus experience. The community-living camp provides opportunities to develop in confidence and coping with situations in an unfamiliar environment. Children learn to value each other’s strengths and challenges, and practice cooperation and teamwork.

Students are involved in day and night bush walks, group initiative activities like low ropes course, archery and geocaching; tidying their rooms, and setting and clearing tables. 

Year Four

Children travel to the Victorian Blue Light Youth Camp in Maldon for a two-night stay to give children the opportunity to develop independence and confidence in coping with situations in an unfamiliar environment.

Students study the environment around Maldon, participate in bike education and BMX track riding, travel on a steam train to Castlemaine, visit an early Victorian gold mine, take responsibility for tidying their own rooms and kitchen duties, and take part in group initiative activities emphasising teamwork and cooperation.

Year Five

At Kangaroobie, Princetown, children experience the assets of the coastal environment, focussing on marine studies, beach and forest walks, initiative games and activities. They participate in tasks and activities emphasising teamwork and cooperation — including canoeing — and are responsible for tidying their own rooms, setting and clearing tables, and washing and drying dishes.

The camp gives opportunities for students to develop confidence in coping with situations in an unfamiliar environment, and complements the classroom curriculum. 

Year Six

Children enjoy a unique camping experience, exploring Melbourne’s cultural, educational and recreational attractions. Travelling to and from Melbourne by rail, students have three nights at The Urban Camp in Royal Park. The Camp is committed to ensuring as little impact on the environment as possible, and aims to improve sustainability in its water, energy and waste management.

The camp gives opportunities to develop confidence in a range of scenarios, including travel on public transport and managing a small amount of money at the Queen Victoria Market.