Vision for Learning

At St Francis Xavier Primary School, our children are empowered to learn and achieve, to experience high quality, explicit teaching practice and optimal conditions for learning. Accordingly, our children will be equipped with the knowledge, skills and dispositions for lifelong learning and will ultimately shape the world around them leading to fullness of life for all. 

Every stage of learning is equally important at St. Francis Xavier Primary School right through from Foundation to Year 6.

St. Francis Xavier’s curriculum uses the Victorian Curriculum as its framework and provides extension and supplementary programs at all levels.

In response to the different learning styles of students and to individual requirements reflecting gender, age, interests and potential, our teachers embrace both student-centred approaches and explicit instruction.

Explicit instruction is a research-based methodology that ensures Junior School students engage and master core skills and produces exceptional student results.

Following a lesson Warm Up, classes follow a sequence of ‘I Do, We Do and You Do’. This is the teaching and learning process that scaffolds learning. This sequence moves learning from modelling, through guided practice to independent practice.

In the Junior School, the explicit instruction approach to English and Mathematics is supplemented by a thinking and problem-solving approach.

Learning needs are paramount in Year 3 to 6, with an emphasis on developing a deeper understanding of issues and higher level learning outcomes.

Our unique Year 5 & 6 curriculum is designed to nurture resilient, independent learners.