Bus Information

St. Francis Xavier encourages children and families to use the Bus Service. The buses run to a number of locations within Ballarat and surrounding districts.

Public Bus Service run by Public Transport Victoria

  1. City Bus
  2. Black Hill Bus
  3. Bunninyong Bus

Country Bus Service run by Ballarat High School

  1. Water St Exchange – Rural areas to the north and east of Ballarat
  2. Bray Raceway exchange – Rural areas to the south and west of Ballarat

Families should notify the school office at the beginning of the school year of each child’s bus schedule using the Transportation Form.

If there are any changes to your child’s schedule please kindly fill in a new Transportation Form or contact the office with the relevant changes.

If you are a new family starting and intend for your child to travel to or from school, please fill out the Transportation Form and return it back to the school office.

Bus Procedures for Parents:

  • You need to notify the office if there is a change to your default (i.e. what you filled out on the form)
  • Changes to the daily schedule would be appreciated as early in the day as possible – before 12.00pm midday.
  • Changes to the daily schedule will be able to be conveyed to the office via telephone, by a bus pass which will be available from the office.
  • Changes to the daily schedule can also be communicated via the Skoolbag App, or via the generic “office” email office@sfxballarat.catholic.edu.au