Explicit Teaching

Mastering the basics is crucial in education. At St Francis Xavier Primary School, providing a strong grounding in English and Mathematics is vital. This allows our students to thrive in all subjects, which leads to exceptional academic results.

The explicit instruction approach is used from Foundation – Year 6. This research-based methodology produces exceptional student results. Key components include The Warm Up and ‘I Do, We Do and You Do’.

The Warm Up is a 10 to 15-minute prime learning strategy at the beginning of a reading, writing and mathematics lessons.

The aim is to move learning from short-term to long-term memory, so students effectively retain what they are learning, while developing their ability to apply and transfer skills and concepts to different contexts.

The Warm Up lesson includes ‘I Do, We Do and You Do’. This is the teaching and learning process that scaffolds learning as it gradually moves from the teacher modelling the skill to students independently learning

Through the ‘I Do’ section, the teacher clearly models and explains step by step the concept to be covered.

We Do’ incorporates guided practice, with the teacher checking individual student understanding, providing immediate feedback and support.

Finally, ‘You Do’ sees students engaging in independent practice at their ability level.

Our teachers use the explicit instruction approach to English and Mathematics, supplemented by a thinking and problem-solving approach.

All teachers receive ongoing professional development in this approach.

Our Principal Mr Paul Bissinella believes this ‘forward to fundamentals’ approach is more important than ever.

“Students who are proficient in Reading, Writing, Spelling and Mathematics are better equipped to learn in all subjects and to function successfully in the community,” he says.

“Skills such as communication, teamwork, relationship management, flexibility, resilience, creativity, empathy, sociability, social cultural awareness and social platform skills have always been and remain important in modern education and the workforce.”

St Francis Xavier’s strong focus on core skills ensures that our students excel across the board.